Copenhague Open 2017

Very often I come back from an event, edit my pictures, send to my clients what they need and close the project to go on the next one.

And very often, lots of pictures don’t show up and stay in my hard drive. So today, as I got a super notification from facebook that I was one year ago at the Copenhague Open. It makes me remember about those pictures I’ve never shared. 

So here are some of my never seen pictures with many skaters like : Torey Pudwill, Vincent Milou, Max Kruglov, Zion Wright, Ishod Wair, Maxime Genin, Jonathan Jean-Philippe, Aurélien Giraud, Andrea Dupre, Robin Bolian, and many more .  

Few pictures are from the article I di for Vice and Levi’s there ( Link of the article ) .

Sorry I still don’t have time to edit it better or to make an article and descriptions about them. 

Hope you’ll enjoy and be there this year at the CPH Open in Berlin ( August 9-12 ) :)

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