Red Bull Illume

I’m so happy that i have 2 pictures in the Red Bull Illume 2016 coffee table book, these two pictures made it in the top 275 on 34 624 images.

The Red Bull Illume is the world’s greatest international photography contest dedicated to action and adventure sports. 

About my two pictures : 

  • Enhance Categorie : SKATE LINES IN COPENHAGEN 

Athlete : Diego Fiorese

I was in Copenhagen a few days for filming a dance competition, when i arrived at the airport there was a big advertising with this place, i directly search the address of « Superkilen » , which is a kilometer long urban park situated just north of copenhagen’s city centre.

 Lucky me the flat where i was staying was really near this area so i asked my friend Diego Fiorese, a really good skater from Brazil living in Copenhagen, for a session there.
On the day of my flight we met there and started shooting on this place with this long lines and i asked him to do a trick at the top of this little hill, after trying some angles i felt this one was the good and he did a switch heel flip drop in with a really high pop first try. 

 For this picture i removed some trees in the background and made a high contrast black and white to make a clear picture with just Diego and black and white lines.
For me it symbolize a vision of life, there can be many way you can take to achieve your goals, you just have to drop in…  

  • Mobile Categorie : SUNDOWN IN PARIS

Athletes : Thibaud Delas and Pierre Delacrose

I was with my crew : La Clef , we had to shoot an advertising for a brand of electronic stabilizer so we called Thibaud, bmx rider, and Pierre, the skater.
We went in Paris, near my flat and lucky us, the weather was really great this day so after we finished filming the advertising, we started a photo session.

 I knew that there was a mobile category this year for the Red Bull Illume so i tried most of my pictures this day with my iPhone. As the sun was going down i thought about a spot in the Accor Hotel Arena where i could do a good picture but unfortunately there was a show there and every access was closed. 

A bit disappointed it ended the day of shooting and while we were going back to the metro i noticed the lines that the sundown made on the floor and took this last iPhone shot.

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